School of Mathematics and Statistics
Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS)
Guangzhou, 510006, China
E-mail: yangchao AT gdufs DOT edu DOT cn
sokoban2007 AT 163 DOT com

My webpage at GDUFS.

Work Experience



I co-organize the Guangzhou Discrete Math Seminar, which started in September 2017.

See also my record at ORCID.

My papers indexed by MathSciNet of AMS.


Research Interests

Graph Theory, Theoretical Computer Science, Combinatorial Games and Puzzles, and various topics in Discrete Mathematics

Publications and Preprints

  1. Ricci-flat graphs with girth four. (With Weihua He, Jun Luo and Wei Yuan) arXiv preprint
  2. Unified extremal results of topological indices and spectral invariants of graphs. Discrete Applied Mathematics. 271 (2019), 218-232. (With Yuedan Yao, Muhuo Liu, Francesco Belardo)
  3. Hanano Puzzle is NP-hard. Information Processing Letters. 145 (2019), 6-10. (With Ziwen Liu)
  4. The Non-Deterministic Constraint Logic and Its Applications in Computational Complexity. Computer Science and Application. 7(5) (2017), 407-413. (With Ziwen Liu)
  5. SNOWMAN is PSPACE-complete. Theoretical Computer Science. 677 (2017) 31-40. (With Weihua He and Ziwen Liu)
  6. Connectivity of lexicographic product and direct product of graphs, Ars Combinatoria. 111 (2013), 3-12. (With Jun-Ming Xu)
  7. Sliding puzzles and rotating puzzles on graphs , Discrete Mathematics. 311 (2011), 1290–1294 .
  8. Connectivity and super-connectivity of Cartesian product graphs, Ars Combinatoria. 95 (2010), 235-245. (With Jun-Ming Xu)
  9. Diameter vulnerability of graphs by edge deletion. Discrete Mathematics. 309 (2009), 1001-1006. (With He-Xi Ye and Jun-Ming Xu)
  10. Forwarding index of cube-connected cycles. Discrete Applied Mathematics. 157(1) (2009), 1-7. (With Jun Yan and Jun-Ming Xu)
  11. Reliability of interconnection networks modeled by Cartesian product digraphs. Networks, 52(4) (2008), 202-205. (With Jun-Ming Xu)
  12. Connectivity and Edge-connectivity of Strong Product Graphs, Journal of University of Science and Technology of China, 38(5) (2008), 449- 455. (With Jun-Ming Xu)
  13. Cover pebbling number of some product graphs, Journal of University of Science and Technology of China, 38(9) (2008), 1030- 1035. (With Wei Kong, Yong-Liang Pan)
  14. Fault Diameter of Product Graphs, Information Processing Letters. 102 (2007), 226-228. (With Jun-Ming Xu)
  15. Feedback Number of Kautz Digraph, Discrete Mathematics, 307 (2007), 1589-1599. (With Jun-Ming Xu, Ye-Zhou Wu, Jia Huang)
  16. Some graphs with minimum Hosoya index and Maximum Merrifield-Simmons index, MATCH Communications in Mathematical and in Computer Chemistry. 57(1) (2007), 235-242. (With Xiang-Feng Pan, Jun-Ming Xu and Min-Jie Zhou)
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  18. Connectivity of Cartesian product graphs, Discrete Mathematics, 306(1) (2006), 159-165. (With Jun-Ming Xu)

Academic Service


Non-academic Activities

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