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The motive of writing USokoban is to provide a new native version of Sokoban for Linux/GNU.

USokoban is developed under Ubuntu, and is written in C on top of the GTK+. I have only tested it under Ubuntu, Fedora and openSUSE (3 of the top 10 distributions of Linux according to DistroWatch), but it might work for other Linux distributions with a GNOME/KDE desktop enviroment running on i386 machines as well. It is reported that USokoban can be also compiled for amd64/x86-64 architecture. There is a guide to compiling and installing USokoban on x86-64/Fedora/xfce written by ikamusume at

USokoban can be also compiled for PC-BSD, a customized installation of FreeBSD.

Suggestions, comments and bug reports are welcome.

See also our HTML5/JavaScript version of Sokoban program - SokoPlayer HTML5 .

Main Features


Screenshot (Ubuntu 12.04) [2]

Screenshot (Ubuntu 10.04) (with the 4th level from the 's11' levelset of David W. Skinner)

Screenshot (Fedora 13)

Screenshot (openSUSE 11.4 M2)

Screenshot (PC-BSD 9)


Binaries for i386 architecture.

usokoban-0.0.13-i386.b.tar.gz 94KB (See README file for detailed information about installation and game control)

usokoban-0.0.13-i386.tar.gz 91KB

usokoban-0.0.12-i386.tar.gz 89KB

usokoban-0.0.11-i386.tar.gz 89KB

usokoban-0.0.10-i386.tar.gz 141KB

usokoban-0.0.9-i386.tar.gz 137KB

usokoban-0.0.8-i386.tar.gz 133KB

Download the source code of USokoban

The source code is released under GNU GPL v3. For more info on the GPL, read here:

Default skins are taken from XSokoban. You may download the Borgar skin for USokoban. More skins for USokoban can be downloaded from


[Mar 19, 2013] v0.0.13b

Minor update. The binary file is the same as v0.0.13. The 'alphabet.txt' levelset is updated. A new levelset 'zodiac.txt' is added. A problem of the installation script '' is fixed. Also, a new screenshot of USokoban running on Ubuntu 12.04 is added on this page.

[July 18, 2012] v0.0.13

Minor update. A new levelset 'alphabet.txt' is added to the binary package. Most of the levels of this new levelset are authored by laizhufu. Open the levelset with a text editor to see the authors of each level.

[July 13, 2012] v0.0.12

Compress the solutions using zlib before saving to the database. Please delete the file '' created by version 0.0.11.

[July 12, 2012] New icon. As a result, the binary package becomes much smaller in size.

USokoban Icon

[July 11, 2012] v0.0.11

Using the SQLite engine, USokoban can now save two best solutions automatically for each level, with respect to the number of moves and pushes, respectively. All solutions are saved in a single file named '' in the user's home directory.

If a level has been solved before, the parameters of the saved solutions will be shown at the title bar. Press F7 or F8 to load a saved solution. F7 loads the best solution with regard to the number of moves, and F8 is for pushes (the two solutions may be the same).

USokoban remembers solved levels by hash value, rather than by their locations in the file system.

[Feb 13, 2012] v0.0.10

I would like to thank Debian Developer Julian Gilbey for making the following contribution to USokoban.

[Aug 20, 2011] The source code for USokoban is available for download now.

[Apr 23, 2011] v0.0.9

[Dec 27, 2010] v0.0.8

[Nov. 26, 2010] v0.0.7

[Nov. 17, 2010] v0.0.6

[Nov. 7, 2010] v0.0.5

[Oct. 29, 2010] v0.0.4

[Oct. 23, 2010] v0.0.3

[Oct. 14, 2010] v0.0.2.

[Oct. 8, 2010] First release.

Created: October 8, 2010