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Sokoban Utilities

You may find some useful utilities for Sokoban on this page.


For the latest version of SokoFind, please check the new SokoFind page.

SokoFind is a search program to find levels within files. You provide a search pattern and a search path, then click on the search button and it does the rest. This program is provided as is with no support of any kind.

Download SokoFind v1.0e 65KB


XSB2MF8 is a tool to convert a Sokoban level from the XSB format to the MF8 format.

The purpose of this script is to properly format a XSB level and also give the MF8 format so that it can be shown in the MF8 forum graphically.

This script has been tested with Firefox. If you think there's a problem with the conversion and you're using Firefox, please feel free to send us an e-mail with a detailed description of the problem. If you're not using Firefox and you're having problem with the script, we DO NOT want to know about it.

We would like to point out that one can also use the YSokoban program (v1.217 or later) to convert from XSB to MF8. Just load the level you want to convert in YSokoban and then press CTRL+M. The result will be in the clipboard. You can paste directly into your post if you like.

If you look at the source of the script, it has details on how the conversion is done. With the info, you can manually convert a level in any text editor (or write your own program to do the conversion).

Feel free to copy and/or modify this script to your heart's content and put it anywhere you like.

Sokoban Level Normalizer

Sokoban Level Normalizer is an online tool written in PHP for normalizing sokoban levels.


SokoReplayer is Java Applet for replaying solutions of Sokoban levels.

SokoReplayer 2

Created on July 13, 2009.